Small – aprox. 20 x 20 mm
Average – aprox. 30 x 30 mm


Biological Membrane
Bovine Origin


Recommended for all bone grafting procedures

  • Osteoprotection biological barrier for grafts using bone substitutes and OrthoGen block.


  • Resorbable membrane of bovine cortical bone;
  • Homogeneous and transparent appearance after hydration;
  • Natural osteoprotection biological barrier;
  • Easy handling material, flexible and allows adjustment after hydration with saline solution.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Being resorbable prevents second surgery for removal;
  • Its permeability allows the exchange of nutrients and prevents the invagination of non-osteogenic cells;
  • Acts as a barrier to the soft tissue and at the same time stabilizes the defect, allowing the bone remodeling;

It has extensive clinical studies that demonstrates the efficacy and safety

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