0,75 cc | 1,5 cc


0,25 mm a 1,0 mm

Approximate Weights

0,75 cc = 0,5 g | 1,5 cc = 1,0 g


Procedures of dental implant, maxillofacial and bone surgery in general, such as:

  • Sinus lifting;
  • Intrabony defects, immediate implant anchorage and peri-implant surgical treatments;
  • Periodontal bone lesions and parendodontic surgeries;
  • Peri-implanted bone losses


  • Composed Bone Graft of bovine origin obtained from a cancellous inorganic portion, cortical organic and a natural binder made of denatured bone collagen;
  • Composed of protein + mineral + natural binder;
  • The time expected for repair is around 6 months;

Advantages and Benefits

  • Bone repair in shorter periods;
  • By the mixed composition, it offers better results in new bone formation;
  • The presence of the natural binder (collagen) makes the handling easier when agglutinated to the blood or saline solution;
  • The organic matrix optimizes cortical resorption, while the inorganic matrix core provides strength;

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