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0,50 a 0,75mm / 0,75 a 1,0mm


Implantology, maxillofacial and bone surgery procedures, such as:

  • Alveolar filling without the maintaining the alveolar architecture with the loss of up to two walls;
  • Intrabony defects, immediate implant anchorage, and peri-implant surgical treatments;
  • Periodontal bone lesions and parendodontic surgeries;


  • Biphasic ceramic bone graft (synthetic), chemically synthesized high purity consisting of calcium hydroxyapatite and β-triphosphate in the proportion 70% – 30%;
  • Combines stability of hydroxyapatite with the rapid rate of resorption of the tricalcium phosphate;
  • Estimated resorption between 7 and 9 months (slow absorption).

Advantages and Benefits

  • Extremely versatile synthetic material that can be used as an excellent alternative to xenograft;
  • Excellent osteoconductive structure, allowing vascularization and cell deposition;
  • Allows the reconstruction of bone walls, especially vestibular, with the maintenance of bone volume and alveolar architecture;
  • Displays radiopacity due to the presence of calcium, which facilitates its visualization and identification by image;

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