0.5 cc | 1.0 cc | 5.0 cc


0.25 mm – 0.50 mm
0.50 mm – 0.75 mm
0.75 mm – 1.00 mm
1.0 mm – 2.0 mm


• Bone surgery in general, maxillofacial surgery and others;
• Sinus lifting procedure;
• Intrabony defects, immediate implant anchorage in perimmplant and surgical procedures;
• Surgery and periodontal bone lesions;
• Coating of exposed turns


  • Physical and chemical composition and structure comparable to the human bone;
  • Mixed structure composed by an organic portion [ 25- 30% of collagenous proteins] and a mineral portion [65-70% of hydroxyapatite];
  • Maintains the natural trabecular structure of the bone;
  • Time expected for repair: 6 months;

Advantages and Benefits

  • Porous and firm structure facilitates the deposition of osteogenic cells and new bone formation by osteoconduction;
  • By its intact and without residues trabecular nature, allows fast vascularization
  • Physical and chemical processing is proven effective regarding the elimination of infectious agents;
  • Excellent alternative to allograft bone;
  • It can be cut and adapted to the receptor bed;
  • Easy handling product;

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